For Bitcoin payment if you got a wallet then it is easy, just copy and paste our wallet address in place of receiver’s wallet address and fill in the amount and click send or during checkout scan our wallet address and make payment.

For those without wallet you can either contact us for directions or you follow any of these links

Wallet Address: 14i5iQ7qwCiHPJxkQVbQaBvxE9JVEvYm9B

Thanks for Understanding and you can contact us on +1 (724) 427-5356 for any assisstance (USA, Europe and World) ( World Wide) (Some USA States) (USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia) (USA) (USA and World) (Europe) (Europe) (Worldwide)

and buy it using credit and debit cards, Cashapp, Zelle. Make sure to select BITCOIN CORE (BTC) and not BITCOIN CASH then fill in the amount, copy and paste our wallet address in receiver’s wallet address and then continue with the next steps.